Are you ready to take control of your health once and for all?

Meet my effective group coaching program:
New You...A Whole Health Intensive

Are you strugging with diet after diet and ready to give up? Do you feel like you are alone in this journey with no support to help you along the way?

I've been there too. I want you to know you no longer have to do this alone. There is hope for long-lasting health and weight loss. The type that gives you empowering results and allows you to make huge shifts in your mental, physical, and emotional health.

What if you had the knowlege you needed to succeed?

What if you had a community of support from like-minded women cheering you on every step of the way?

What if you had a plan that delivered real and long-lasting results? A plan that held you accountable to avoid temptation and feel amazing every day?

The truth is diet alone will most likely not get you the results you desire. That is why I created this program to address all the possible obstacles you may have. From amazing weekly support to recipe makeovers and snack ideas that nourishes the WHOLE you!


Join us for 8 weeks of whole health power!


Here's what's included in the program:

  • 8 Modules

    Delivered Weekly. Get the tools to attain the health  you truly desire.
    ($997 value)

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to your course materials. This is a self-paced program. Work as quickly or slowly as you need to get the best results. 

  • Community Support

    Access to our private Facebook community where we support one other. Plus bonus materials! (such as webinars and expert interviews)
    $497 value 

Plus, receive a FREE private coaching call to start you off strong.($297.00 value)

That is a total value of more than $1500.00
with the bonuses!

Be a part of a supportive group of like-minded women without having to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for private one-on-one coaching. 

My New You  8-week Intensive program is what you need to grab TODAY!

Regular price = $1500

Join before Dec 5th = $597

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You Deserve to be Healthy and Happy

No more tired afternoons.
No more brain fog
No more inability to focus and concentrate
No more upset stomachs.
No more yo-yo dieting
No more tight jeans
No more extra weight slowing you down

My New You Whole Health Intensive program will help you once and for all take your health to the next level. This program is only for those special women who are committed to taking their health back and willing to do whatever it takes to commit to this training.

Here's what others are saying about the program:

"I am impressed with the awareness I am gaining. Tonight I ate supper, and as usual, about one and a half hours later I was feeling hungry and craving something sweet. Instead of just ignoring the feelings or trying to make them go away (with sugar), I was able to first observe what was going on in my body and just ask some questions and think about it. I appreciate that I am at the point where I can listen to my body. That is actually huge for me."

- Jennifer

"You get a lot from this group. Nichole is amazing and I learned a lot from her!!"

- Wendy H.

"You get a ton in this group. I feel stronger and more comfortable knowing what to do to fuel my body. I am being more conscious and mindful. Nichole is so knowledgeable, and puts things in a perspective that I understand."

- Cheryl

"I gained my health and so much strength."

- Cherry

" I'm gaining so much insight and knowledge"

- Wendy A.

Dr. Nichole Teering is a Registered Doctor of Acupuncture and Health Coach. Her focus is on Women's Health and Empowerment. Through her programs and private coaching, she supports women to balance hormones through optimizing digestion, heal their relationship with food and improve mindset blocks, so that they can fully enjoy long-lasting health.

Dr. Nichole is a wife and mother. In addition to her private coaching, Nichole also owns and operates a gym. She and her family live in Alberta, Canada, where they happily live off the land. Simply working with or being in the company of Dr. Nichole, her clients friends and colleagues greatly improve their quality of lives.  

Where will you be next year with out the knowledge to fix your own health?

What will your body and mind feel like? The same as it does now? Worse? What does regaining your health mean to you? 

Do you really want to wait to see?

Stop sifting through the sea of information online. Using trial and error on the off chance you figure it all out on your own. It's time for the Yo-Yo dieting to end.

Stop Feeling STUCK. And Start creating a state of permanent health. The time is NOW. 

YOU   CAN   DO   THIS....

This program has the tools you need. What are you waiting for?

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